• Is fractional CO2 laser worth it?

    Is fractional CO2 laser worth it?

    Advantages of CO2 Resurfacing It delivers excellent improvement in fine lines, general texture, and a reduction in troublesome pigmentation areas. It has a dramatic effect on deep wrinkling. Acne scarring also responds to CO2 laser resurfacing; most of our patients notice a 50% improvement in the...
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  • The Dubai March Derma Exhibition is currently in full swing

    The Dubai March Derma Exhibition is currently in full swing, attracting a large number of beauty and skin care enthusiasts from all over the world. Among the many exhibitors, the well-known company Lasertell announced its participation in the event, promising to showcase its best-selling beauty p...
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  • 2023 Japan Osaka Beauty Exhibition

    2023 Japan Osaka Beauty Exhibition

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  • 2023 Vietnam HCM exhibition

    2023 Vietnam HCM exhibition

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  • 2023 Kazakhstan Beauty Expo

    2023 Kazakhstan Beauty Expo

    We are thrilled to share the great success we achieved at the beauty exhibition in Kazakhstan. Our products received overwhelming praise from numerous clients, who expressed immense interest in what we have to offer.
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  • New pico laser launched

    New pico laser launched

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  • Microneedling RF FAQs

    Microneedling RF FAQs

    Microneedling combined with RF-energy is a newer, go-to non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedure that does it all! It is being used around the world to help people tighten, lift and plump skin, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and get rid of acne scars and other blemishes on your face and other part...
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  • Does HIEMT really work?

    Does HIEMT really work?

    LaserTell beauticians said that imagine getting a toned body without letting go of your favorite food or having to sweat it out in the gym like everybody else. Wouldn’t that be great? If only it were possible. Thanks to technology, it is! If you’ve never heard of HIEMT or you have and have no ide...
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  • Alexandrite Vs. diode laser

    Alexandrite Vs. diode laser

    This is a great question, thank you! There are a few differences between the use of alexandrite and diode lasers for hair removal. Diode lasers performs on a longer wavelength with deeper penetration. Longer wavelengths help avoid skin damage superficially in darker skin patients and performs wel...
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  • Why Alexandrite laser is best option for hair removal?

    Why Alexandrite laser is best option for hair removal?

    Recent years have seen big technological advances in personal care, including hair removal. Only a decade ago, beauty centres could only offer waxing, electric and wire as hair removal methods. The development of laser has been a real revolution for its many advantages, and Alexandrite in particu...
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  • IPL vs. Laser

    IPL vs. Laser

    WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LASER AND IPL (INTENSE PULSED LIGHT)? Both laser and intense pulsed light (that’s IPL to you and me!) use light to heat the hair follicle and prevent regrowth. However, the technology used to deliver the light is really quite different – with the key difference bein...
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  • will covid ever end?

    will covid ever end?

    Two steps forward and then two steps backward. That’s the reaction by many people regarding the coronavirus pandemic, as the delta variant appeared to be winding down, only to be replaced by omicron. “Every time we think things are going to get better, then we’re hit again,̶...
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